FSC Employee Quiz

1. Enter your Last Name and Employee Number.
2. FSC chain-of-custody certification applies to how we handle or process:(Required)
3. At WHA, who is responsible for/authorized to place the correct FSC label (logo) in position in the customer’s art files?(Required)
4. Can any customer print on FSC paper without including the FSC logo?(Required)
5. At WHA, who decides whether or not a job will print on FSC certified paper?(Required)
6. How would you know that a job was printed on FSC certified paper at WHA?(Required)
7. Bureau Veritas, our independent auditor, is responsible for:(Required)
8. Chain of custody is an information trail that documents the path taken by products from the forest to the consumer, including each stage of processing, manufacturing and distribution, where progress to the next stage involves a change of:(Required)
9. FSC certification is designed to provide a guarantee to customers that the products they buy (which carry a specified FSC certificate code number) are made of fibers which come from responsibly managed:(Required)
10. Who is responsible for ensuring that our FSC chain-of-custody documented procedures are followed correctly?(Required)
11. At WHA, how do we confirm that the paper we receive is FSC certified?(Required)
12. When is it acceptable to mix FSC certified material with uncertified material?(Required)
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