Thank you for giving me a few minutes of your day to introduce you to
Worth Higgins & Associates.

Worth Higgins & Associates is one of the largest providers of marketing communications solutions in the mid-Atlantic region. For 46 years, the firm’s 175 employee-owners have been recognized for their ability to put ink on paper. Worth Higgins & Associates began to expand on its core business in the year 2000, offering e-commerce portals, branded advertising specialties, warehousing, fulfillment and distribution services, wide-format printing, finishing and mailing. The resulting seven divisions offer a diverse group of value-added services, all intended to help clients deliver their marketing message effectively and efficiently. Worth Higgins & Associates’ broad range of capabilities gives us complete control over quality, scheduling and cost. At the same time, our relative size and equipment redundancies keep us flexible and responsive, delivering a critical level of service from a single point of contact. Our ability to meet requirements in-house, turnkey, 24/7 means we can react quickly, economically and effectively.
On behalf of our 175 employee-owners, we look forward to the opportunity to build our relationship with Capital One. If you’d like to learn more or arrange a meeting, please contact me at [email protected] or 804-264-2304.

Brian Losch
Vice President of Sales
Worth Higgins & Associates
8770 Park Central Drive  |  Richmond, Virginia 23227
[email protected] |  v. 804-264-2304  |  f. 804-264-5733