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In celebration of PAGE STATIONERY’s 18th year as a Virginia letterpress printer, we have turned the page with a new look, new ideas and a new mission! Eighteen years is a long time and so we thought what better time than on this anniversary for an update. We wanted the new look to speak to where the company is going. It’s a fresh modern take with a sweet nod to our stationery roots.

Now, let me introduce myself, my name is Katie Schaeffer and this January I came on board as the new Director of PAGE STATIONERY. Relocating back to Richmond from sunny Los Angeles, California to be closer to my family. Upon my arrival, I was presented with the opportunity to take the helm here. But first, let’s go back a bit. I have been in love with fine stationery ever since I received my first set of personalized embossed stationery at the age of 12. It was pale blue with my monogram. What twelve-year-old girl doesn’t love a monogram? I recall it had such a deep impression that all I wanted do was run my fingers over and over it.  After that flame was ignited I decided I wanted to make beautiful things. A few years later I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a fine arts degree in design and had set my sites on advertising and art direction. A few years of doing the ad game I jumped back into the student pool and attended the VCU Brandcenter. Then right back into the advertising game for a few more years this time in New York.

After three years and some very cold winters I migrated back to Richmond where that need to make pretty things emerged again. Back to my love of paper and stationery I decided why not start my own line of cards. I started with hand drawn illustrated artwork on cards and sold them at local markets and craft shows. Making things with your hands is a powerful tool and it definitely energized my creative spirit. For the next couple of years, I continued to push my creative career and sprinkled in learning all about people management, strategic planning, purposeful decision making, retail buying and merchandising/display magic making. This journey took me all over the United States and back to Richmond, Virginia; the present where I am enhancing my knowledge and deep love of letterpress printing.

So, it all comes full circle; I love paper, I love color, I love stationery and I really love bright beautiful well designed letterpress stationery. I also know that this is how every team member at PAGE STATIONERY feels too. We firmly believe in the power of the handwritten note. In the digital-world we live in now, we all need a little more beautiful snail mail.

PAGE STATIONERY is deeply rooted in being part of life’s special moments. As one of the oldest letterpress printers in Virginia, we aim to create an inspired collection of traditional and modern, bright, artfully designed letterpress stationery. This new year will be one of introspection and creative exploration. We plan to look back at the path that lead us here today. We will celebrate that history and all the hard work that was poured into every aspect of the business in those 18 years. We also will be looking forward. Delighting in the new and unexpected ideas that may emerge in product development, beautiful custom wedding invitations, baby announcements and of course the classic personalized stationery.

The best part of our new mission is that everyone is excited to work even harder and celebrate more with the little wins along the way! Being a part of the Worth Higgins Family is going to allow us to spread our wings even further with product development as well and that to someone who loves creating stories with product is the bees knees!!!

Below is some of our new Birthday product! We even created a Snail Mail Forever enamel pin to commemorate our new logo!  #turnthePage2017

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