Worth Connects offers relief to marketers through our full service cross media marketing service and company storefronts. With our help creating a consistent message with elements of unique targeting is now easier and more accessible. You can focus on building a deeper connection with clients while we handle the logistics and increase your response rates.

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  • Variable Data Print

    Personalized messages speak to target audience members in ways that generic messages cannot. Our variable data print technology offers marketers the opportunity to create unique and targeted direct mail pieces and short-run books. Each piece is modified to a recipient’s needs and preferences making messages more effective. Variable text, color, and imagery as well as personal attributes contribute to segmenting customers, which transforms group messages into personalized communication.
  • Email

    Emails can yield a great response with the correct targeting and personalization. Emails can also be a great source for gathering information about your client. This is where we come in. Our personalized emails can increase response rates while tracking valuable data that we report to you. With the data from our email campaigns you can have a better understanding of your client needs and desires which creates and maintain loyal customers.
  • Web

    Personal URLs and Micro-sites offer each target audience member a unique experience. Marketers can use the information they know about their customers to create a more effective message. The data generated from these tools improves lead generation, market segmentation and cross selling. SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) services ensures visibility for your website.
  • E-Publishing

    Our digital publishing capabilities offers marketers the opportunity to format, edit, and convert content into digital publications. Data analytics give marketers a better understanding of how consumers are digesting their digital messages.
  • Mobile Capabilities

    Communicate with your target audience when they’re on the go through mobile messaging and QR (quick response) codes.