PURL technology and custom emails from Worth Connects help build customer intimacy. They are typically part of a multi-stage customer relationship management campaign. An email, followed by personalized direct mail with an automated PURL response can be deployed to improve the quality of lead generation, segment markets or cross sell to an existing customer base.
Campaigns can include direct mail, email and PURL applications with lead-generating survey questions. A question on PURL survey can have “weighted” answers that identify a respondent as a “hot” or “cool” lead. Answers can be routed to a specific email for immediate follow-up. Direct mail can feature PURLs as a means of distributing the information learned in the survey with a special offer. Likewise, an email campaign could be used as the dispersion method for the PURL survey or special offer. A marketing dashboard tracks the status and results of the campaign. Results can be exported to an Excel file for further insight.



Campaign management is a continuous cycle: execute, monitor, measure, and analyze. Apply analytics, adjust campaign strategy or take it to the next level, and the cycle begins again. Insight into your customers’ response patterns, needs, preferences and motivators brings you that much closer to your next conversion opportunity. Campaign management helps you grow customer knowledge and insight, quantify the value of marketing programs and upgrade the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing programs. Cross channel integration links personalized print and electronic media to create highly engaging campaigns that connect you with customers and help drive sales.
You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Customized campaign dashboards enable marketers to evaluate results in real-time, segment markets, qualify leads, cross sell and modify campaign strategy on-the-fly. Both standard reports and custom reporting are available from Worth Connects. Campaign dashboards collect and analyze responses, yielding deeper insight into customer needs, increasing sales opportunities and measuring ROI.