At Worth Higgins & Associates, eco-friendly practices are not looked at as trendy things to do. They are the right thing to do – so much in fact that we have practiced sustainability for many years.

Our company has earned Forest Stewardship Council® chain-of-custody certification under certificate number C006249. This certification assures our customers that the paper they specify comes from environmentally responsible sources. We’ve developed and follow a set of procedures to track and handle our use of responsibly harvested wood products from well-managed forests, and we’re audited annually by a third party auditor (Bureau Veritas) to ensure that we’re following the procedures we have established for ourselves. For customers wanting a more eco-friendly options, a searchable list of FSC® certified papers can be found at FSC® CERTIFIED PAPERS.

The waste reduction, reuse and recycling policy at Worth Higgins & Associates:

  • 11 tons of aluminum plates were recycled by Worth Higgins & Associates in 2022.
  • 14,900 pounds of waste inks, coatings and machine oil from Worth Higgins & Associates were recycled, some of which is used for commercial fuel blending.
  • 1,249 tons of waste paper and cardboard from Worth Higgins & Associates were returned to the supply chain in 2022.
  • 25% waste reduction in 2022.
  • Ink recycling
  • Recycling of plates
  • Paper recycling

FSC® Logo Usage

Sustainability Specifics

When you specify FSC® certified paper for your printed materials, you can take credit for your stewardship by printing the FSC® label on your piece. For correct use of the FSC® logo when you specify FSC® certified paper, please refer to the FSC PRODUCT LABELING GUIDE.If you’re curious about the impact the paper you choose has on our planet, this online PAPER CALCULATOR will estimate everything from waste water to energy consumption. WHA FSC<sup>®</sup> logo

Our commitment to sustainability includes:
  • G7 Master Printer status, which reduces paper and ink waste
  • A Javelin direct-to-plate system by Screen that eliminates film from the production process
  • Alcohol-free fountain solutions, water based wash-up solutions, and aqueous-based printing plates and proofing systems
  • Short and medium wave dryers and aqueous coating in our pressroom which reduce the use of spray powder
  • UV inks and coatings that release no volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere.
  • A program whereby old electronic and computer equipment is properly disposed of through sound recycling practices. Proceeds from the recycling efforts are returned to the community by purchasing computers for schools and other nonprofit organizations.

Print Grows Trees

“Print Grows Trees” is an educational campaign that demonstrates that print on paper actually helps to grow trees and keep our forests from being sold for development. “Print Grows Trees” challenges the widely held belief that by using less paper, trees will be saved.