Quality is one of those words that suffers from overuse. But at Worth Higgins & Associates, the word still means everything it is supposed to mean when you are committed to quality the way we are – and have an actual document to prove your commitment.

Our quality management system touches all aspects of our operations: organizational structure, communications, process, efficiency, time/cost savings and even our billing process. It offers precise ways of ensuring that schedules are maintained, that standards are exceeded whenever possible and that improvement is a continuous process.

There is nothing vague about the results. An annual rework rate of less than 1% of gross sales – well below the average for our industry. An on-time delivery rate that hovers around 99%. And proofs shown within 48 hours of order entry 98% of the time.

Our Quality Policy

To meet our customer’s requirements on time, without error and in a manner that is as efficient and economical as possible.


The Quality Steering Committee

A Quality Steering Committee and a full-time quality manager guide the quality management system at Worth Higgins & Associates. Employees in each department have developed procedures for every process in manufacturing. Instructions reside in a Quality Manual in those departments to help insure continuous improvement. A committee of employees certified in quality management conducts internal audits of every process twice yearly.

About G7

Developed by the best practices organization IDEAlliance and its GRACol committee, G7 describes a method for calibrating an offset press or proofing systems based on spectrophotometry (colorimetric data) for gray balance instead of traditional densitometric (dot gain) methods, G7 is named for a gray scale calibration technique (G) and the seven primary color values (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, red, green and blue) that it employs.

Our G7 Master Printer status signifies that we have calibrated our printing presses and proofing systems so that images match from media to media, machine to machine. The G7 standards we employ help us improve print quality and consistency, shorten make-ready time and reduce paper and ink waste. G7 is the very best color management system available today.