The Richmond Print Project

The Richmond Print Project was started by RVA News as a spin off of their “Picture of the day” series. Readers of RVA News can now go online and purchase original prints of the city taken by local photographers. We interviewed founder Scott Pharr, to learn more about the project and how it is affecting the community.

Richmond Print Project Manchester Bridge by Michael Chronister


WHA: How did you conceptualize the Richmond Print Project?

Scott: We have always had a “Pic of the day” on our website, more and more people started liking them.  At first it was only amateur photographers but soon professional photographers were sending pictures in and asking how to be the “Pic of the day”.  Eventually it just made sense to start offering the popular pictures as prints and that’s where Worth Higgins & Associates helped to transform the “Pic of the day” into the “Richmond Print Project”.

WHA: How has this project impacted the Richmond community?

Scott: The prints have only been available for a few weeks, however the “Richmond Print Project” is already stacking up orders and getting social media buzz from different groups.  I believe the project will help people discover beautiful and iconic landmarks and give them the chance to bring some of Richmond into their homes or offices.

WHA: Where do you see this project going in the future?

Scott: There is no telling what the future holds, but the plan for now is to keep adding images and photographers and eventually the “Richmond Print Project” will have its own website.

You can purchase the beautiful and iconic photographs online at A portion of the profits is given to the respective photographer in support of Richmonders “being awesome at what they do and loving Richmond at the same time.”

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