Reticulating Varnish

photo2Wash your car and it rains, inevitably. But you take some small satisfaction in seeing the rainwater bead up on that wax you buffed to a blinding radiance. Ever wonder why rainwater beads up on the hood of your freshly waxed car? It’s surface tension. The surface tension of the wax and the surface tension of the water are different. They repel one another, forcing the water to collect in small drops or globs.

Reticulating varnish works the same way. (The word “reticulate” means to assume a form or shape, as when the water forms beads on the hood of your car.) Apply flood gloss UV coating over spot reticulating varnish in a single pass and you get the fine grain finish you see on this brochure and sleeve for SunTrust Premiere Banking. The varnish and the coating repel because their surface tension is different, creating a finely textured surface. Use rollers with different size BCM and you can control the amount of coating you lay down, which changes the texture from fine to course. Perfect for sand on a beach, the pebbled finish of leather loafers or orange peel.

And because the grainy pattern resists the fingerprinting which would have been inevitable on a dark blue field like this, the piece looks fresh no matter how often it is handled. Fresh as rain.

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